主な展示・活動は、2013年、土湯アラフドアートアニュアル(福島)。2014年、アラフドアートアニュアル2014(福島)。2016年、映画「福島桜紀行」発表。2016年、かがわ・山なみ芸術祭(香川)。2017年、2019、2021年、中之条ビエンナーレ(群馬)。2018年、六甲ミーツアート(兵庫)。2019、2020年、原泉アートデイズ(静岡)。2020年、Vermont Studio Center Artist in Residence ・Artist’s Grant (USA)、SIM Artist in Residence Program (Iceland)。2021年、野村財団芸術文化助成、HIBIYA BLOSSOM 2021(東京ミッドタウン日比谷)なとど。国内外のアーティストインレジデンンスに参加し、リサーチベースのサイトスペシフィックな作品を発表している。

Takashi Hokoi

When I was a university student, I belonged to a human-powered airplane club. I participated in the Human-powered airplane contest and flew in the sky as a pilot. I began creating works that visualize invisible winds based on my experience of my plane being tossed about by the slight wind that existed. 

 Meanwhile, in 2010, after completing graduate school, I began works NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation) as a cameraman and was assigned to the Fukushima Bureau. During the Great East Japan Earthquake, I took aerial movies of the tsunami that hit the Sendai Plain from a helicopter and relayed them to the public. While I survived the tsunami by flying, the footage I shot while witnessing the damage was broadcast live to the entire world. On March 12, while covering the tsunami and nuclear accident in Fukushima Prefecture, a hydrogen explosion occurred at a nuclear power plant, and at a subsequent press conference by the governor of Fukushima Prefecture, I realized for the first time that the energy used in my native Kanto comes from Fukushima and Niigata, and I became indifferent to where the energy I needs to make a living comes from. I was shocked at how indifferent I had been to where the energy I needed to live came from. 

 Based on these experiences, I have been experimenting with the relationship between energy and nature from various perspectives, using the motif of wind as a theme. Currently living between Fukushima and Tokyo, I would like to face my art with gratitude for being kept alive by nature and for being allowed to use energy. Rather than dividing nature and human society into two halves, I would like to ask dynamic questions with a multifaceted sense of value, while traveling back and forth between the two like the wind.