Coexistence of energy and nature

清山飯坂温泉芸術祭 (福島・飯坂温泉)
Seizan Iizaka Onsen Art Festival (Fukushima / Iizaka Onsen)






The right side of the work is an outdoor sculpture created in 2008. The invisible wind in nature is visualized by the wings fluctuating in the wind. This time, the left side of the work was newly created and announced as a new work.

The left side of the work plays the role of turning energy from electricity into wind using a power unit. There is no electricity in this room of the closed ryokan, but it uses a number of extension cords to bring in electricity.

The invisible electric energy obtained from the outlet is passed through a large-scale drive such as a motor or a chain, and the propeller is rotated while generating a roar to generate wind.

The energy of the wind is artificially generated by electricity. However, it occasionally responds to the wind blowing from the outside.

Can nature and energy coexist?